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New Sod Care

Prepare the yard by adding 1-3” of topsoil, depending on what the specific situation requires.

Evenly apply a starter fertilizer & work into the top 2-3” of topsoil, then lay your sod.

Water the sod thoroughly after installation, and be sure that the water has soaked through the sod and saturated 2” of the ground underneath.

Warm Weather Installation (Over 80 degrees F): Water twice a day for the first 3 days, then once a day for the next week to 10 days. After that, water every other day for a week, then every third day for the next week.

Cool Weather Installation (Under 80 degrees F): Water twice a day for the first 2 days, then once a day for 4 days. After the first week, water every other day in Week Two, every third day in Week Three, and once every 4 days in Week Four.

Adjust the amount of water applied during the above cycles. In the beginning, apply 1/2 inch of water. As application times decrease, soak the sod with 1 inch of water during each watering period.

Check that the water is saturating into the ground beneath the sod, but not creating pools that take longer than a few minutes to absorb into the ground.

Mow for the first time two to three weeks after installation and if sod is about 4 inches or higher. Do not cut more than 1/2 inch during each mowing, to ensure you do not damage your new lawn.

Avoid, if at all possible, watering into the evening hours (after five-thirty or six pm); this is one of the fastest ways to create a fungus problem.